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How not to operate a website

If you have a website that has not been updated in recent months you are wasting opportunities.

Whether your site shows up well in a Google search depends on a number of factors:

• Has the content changed recently? Google loves new content.

• Is it built with the latest coding and is the coding written properly? The guys at Google penalise a site for old code.

• Is the content relevant to the title? The whole point of Google is to produce accurate search results. If your site does not have accurate and substantial content, the Google 'robots' will detect this and downgrade the site. A site that says "Hi, we make great grommets. Phone us" will not get listed on Google no matter how many pretty pictures it contains.


Spend wisely

There is an old saying in the newspaper industry: "an inch of editorial is worth ten of advertising".

Having good content - lots of information for potential customers - scores well when the Google 'spiders' climb over your site to check it. Thus, good content can be more valuable than expensive advertising.

Good content, relevant content, lot's of information, up-to-date content - all these things add to your Google recognition index. And, better still, when prospective customers land on your site, this information gives them the confidence to purchase.


Glossy mag or dusty old book?

I build you a site with THREE sets of code - and a do it for FREE. No upfront design charges.

Why go to all this trouble when other designers do not?

In a crowded and hectic world think about what gets your attention: a dusty old book on a library shelf or a colourful glossy magazine on display?

So, having picked up the magazine with an eye-catching cover, you expect something of interest inside it; something worth reading or else you put it down and you don't purchase.

To meet those two requirements on the Internet requires two different sets of coding (good cover and substantial content) - but then there is a third consideration: mobile phones.

A site that looks good on a big screen computer cannot be automatically reconfigured for a small phone screen (no matter what programme you use). And as over half of all Internet use is now via small phone screens it is important that the viewing experience should be satisfying. For that reason I write a third code version specifically for mobile devices