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This technical note explains how to set up a free Gmail account and integrate it into your Thunderbird email managment programme.

Screenshot showing Thunderbird email accounts panel

Thunderbird LHS panel.


If you wish me to maintain control of your managed email account - the email address you use to receive enquiries from customers - you may also wish to set up a free email account at Gmail. This may then be used for long-term archiving should you wish to go back and check on old communications.

Periodically, transfer your older emails over to Gmail while keeping your active emails in your current 'managed' account.

This technical note assumes you have already set up your primary email - the one I manage for you - in THUNDERBIRD. If you require any help - either setting up your primary email or Gmail archive - just ask.


Google Gmail to find the instructions how to set up an account and then follow the instructions on the Gmail site to set up your free account. Choose the name you wish to use for your account (xxxxxx @ and set a password. You will be asked to give a mobile contact number so a text confirmation code can be sent to you. Again follow the instructions on Gmail to complete the set up and validate your new account.

Send yourself a test email to confirm that everything is OK. At this stage you will be viewing your Gmail account via your browser (as Webmail).

Sign out of Gmail.


Open THUNDERBIRD and follow the instructions for how to set up an email acccount as described in the following Tech Note:

Additional Configuration. Follow the instructions from STAGE 1 through to STAGE 2.5.

At STAGE 2.6 instead of typing "" in both boxes, type the following:

In the "Incoming: IMAP" box type the words "" (without the "" marks).

In "Outgoing SMTP" type the words ""

Type in the "port" and "SSL" boxes as shown in the illustration (ie: 993, 465, SSL/TLS)

Click "Done"

Your Gmail account will now ask you for confirmation to synchronise with THUNDERBIRD. Click OK.

Your new Gmail account can be read directly from the THUNDERBIRD programme so you can use both email accounts from a single control panel.


You will now be able to "COPY TO" emails from your managed account to your Gmail archive account.

Right click the email you wish to copy from your managed account. Scroll down the drop down menu to "COPY TO" and then another submenu will open showing your new Gmail archive acccount.

Check the relevant email has been copied to your Gmail account and then go back to you managed account and delete it.

In this way you can keep your main - managed - email free from clutter and stay within your storage quota.

Email submenu.

Need help?


If all this sounds a bit complicated I can talk you through it. This is all part of my unlimited support promise.