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EXAMPLES and ideas

A few examples of the websites I have designed and host for clients.

Decorators North Wales. Electroplumb.uk.
G M Heating & Plumbing Electroplumb UK
Cornerways guest house Llandudno. The Wheatsheaf Inn, Betws.
Cornerways Guest House The Wheatsheaf Inn
Homeheat services. Chris Williams Construction.
Homeheat Services Chris Williams Construction
Milestone Celebrants, Rhyl. Red Moon Interiors at Dawsons DIY.
Milestone Celebrants Red Moon Interiors
M E Contractors Limited. Glenhaven Guest House, Blackpool
M E Contractors Ltd The Glenhaven, Blackpool
Proctor Civil Engineering and Waterproofing, Stoke-on-Trent. North wales Pest Control.
Proctor Civil Engineering PJQ Control
Parry Roofing. Hughes Roofing.
Parry Roofing Hughes Roofing

Read about the relevance and importance of BRANDING.

Making the most of your site and the web

Your website should be the hub of your communications and promotional content.

Everyone now has access to a PC, smartphone or tablet so whenever you hand out a business card, deliver a flyer or place an ad in the local paper - all other promotional effort should refer potential customers to your website.

The moment a potential customer hears of your business, the first thing he or she will do will be to check you out on the Internet. So make sure your image is what you want it to be!

Here you can "set out your stall" in detail: who you are, what you do, why your service is superior to that of the competition.

Everyone is in a hurry; initial contact with potential clients maybe fleeting - your name on a passing vehicle.

Your website is where you have the opportunity to engage the public in detail, at their leisure. This is where they get to know - and trust - you. It is where you make it personal.

The design should reflect the ethos of your enterprise; the personality of your company; how you want to be perceived by the public.


Examples of Citycoder designs. Examples of Citycoder designs. Examples of Citycoder designs.

Case study

Your site as a directory

Show what you are capable of

You can use your site not simply as a promise of what you can do, but as a directory of what you have done - completed contracts, satisfied clients, successful functions and events, recommendations, testimonials.

"A picture is better than a thousand words". Show the world what you can do - and have done - in glorious colour!

And then each time you complete a project or intend to launch a new service, display it on your site.

Image galleries showing the different types of projects already undertaken by the company allow Heath to "walk through" an idea with a new client before a job commences. This provides the client with the essential confidence to proceed to awarding a contract.

Or include video - "My business - The Movie"

You can't do that in a printed leaflet!

If you have the nerve for it, standing in front of the camera and addressing potential clients directly is a sure fire method of gaining their attention.


The above video links to YouTube server.

Some ideas

How do you see your company's image?

Websites can be designed in an infinite number of styles according to the image you wish to portray: conservative, fun, colourful, different, reliable, competent, friendly, informative.

Opposite are a few ideas.

Not sure how you want your site to look?

Here are a few ideas

Elegant website.
ACME website.