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Explain who you are


So many websites provide only the most vague information. This is often because the client does not know what to say and the designer cannot be bothered to understand his client's business.

I will work with you to set out fully all of your company's skills and achievements - clearly and concisely so that your potential customers fully appreciate what you can do for them.

The say "a picture is worth a thousand words". There is nothing like a good portfolio of previous projects to reassure your potential customers and encourage them to place their business with you.

And this is where my service is unique - because you can send your pictures to me and I will compile them into your electronic brochure.

Your electronic brochure:

Always up to date with your latest projects

Whenever you advertise, give out a flyer or a business card make sure you include your website address.

Potential customers can then thumb through the portfolios of your work.

Over time your website becomes your full colour catalogue listing all your products and services - showing not only what you have done, but what you are doing RIGHT NOW!