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I understand what smaller and medium sized business need because I've been involved in engineering, trade and selling products and services for over 40 years.


I qualified in Civil Engineering and worked for both contractors and Consulting Engineers before working in the timber products industry. I represented a number of construction sectors at the British Standards Institution and lectured on fire matters and timber in structural design. My job was to help companies sell timber products on their technical merits.

Identify your USP - your Unique Selling Point and price sensitivity is no longer an issue.

I ran a family furniture making business for a number of years and helped develop a range of chemical processes.


In 2003 I set up my IT company. As well as designing websites and advising on IT matters I work as a business consultant helping enterprises as diverse as food distribution, universities and local councils assisting them to function more efficiently.

It is because I understand the needs of independent businesses that I have devised this "benefit now, pay later" package of website design coupled to Internet Presence Enhancement.

Few business can afford to spend thousands upfront on IT - and why should they? Spending lots of money on something you don't really understand is an un-businesslike thing to do - especially if it is with some group of "whizz-kids" who may be great with the coding but understand little of how a profitable business needs to function. You need to make sure something is working before you commit to more spending.

I've marketed products and negotiated contracts with individuals and companies large and small so I know how difficult life can be for independent entrepreneurs. I know what's important and what's not when designing sites to help companies win new business.

Thai Airlines.

Thai Airlines

Canon Electronics.

Canon Electronics

Fortnam and Mason.

Fortnam & Mason

Just a few of the better-known companies to which I have sold products and services