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Take a look at some local companies that have benefited from CITYCODER.UK


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City Coder.

Your man on the inside


I've helped clients win hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of new business

Building websites for free across Cheshire, Staffordshire and Lancashire

Do you feel you're in control of your company's Internet presence?

The Internet has many names: the World Wide Web, Cyberspace, Virtual Reality. Think of it as a gigantic sprawling city - full of potential customers - all wanting to purchase goods and services. But how do you make contact with them?

A website is the first step. That will be the first contact. However, it is never that simple. There are millions of sites on the Internet. Making sure yours gets noticed requires some extra effort.

And that is why my service is so special.


Sometimes it is the perceived complexity of organising a website and getting on the Internet that puts people off. And that, of course, is where the bigger companies win because they have the staff and the budget.

So, that's where I come in. I make it easy, stress-free and (almost) cost free.


First of all I design and build websites for free.


You get £1,000 worth of bespoke website for nothing, zilch, not a penny.

In fact I build you two sites: one for big screen computers and one for small screen mobile devices. Here's why.

That means your site is earning you money from day one - meanwhile you have paid no upfront charges.

I don't charge any upfront fee for the website design. You pay only a very modest regular monthly amount which includes the second component in this very special service.


Mark Graham City Coder UK.

I'm Mark at Citycoder

I build your website for free.


Continuous updating

Even if you paid a designer lots of money for your site unless there is continuous activity on and around the website it will not get noticed.

Search engines such as GOOGLE give high priority in their listing to sites that are actively contributing information to the Internet. Read what the guys at Google say.

To make sure your site gets noticed I update it all the time - with pictures, testimonials from satisfied clients; I add video (everyone loves to watch moving pictures) and cross link it to YouTube; I help you write a blog.


Because Google owns both YouTube and Blogspot. Entries of these platforms that are then cross-linked to your site hugely influence the way Google lists your enterprise in the search results.

You can have your site altered or updated as many times as you like.

All this for £28 per month.

Some other companies charge as much as £500 per month for such a service READ MORE and the reason companies are willing to pay all this money is because regular updating is so important for visibility and earnings.


Compare my service with that of other companies

No one works harder (or charges less) to make sure you get the best website at the keenest price.

Here are some of the things I can do for you:

Optimised code for all types of current viewing devices so your site looks good and presents information clearly whether it is viewed on big PC screens or the smallest smart phone screens.

Optimization to improve your Google listings (it's called SEO). Read about how I improve your listing on Google.

I work with you to upload your photographs and testimonials; I can even take pictures and video for free for you. Read more about video.

I can set up a "blog" for you. Once again a current blog helps your site get found on the Internet. Read why.

Let's design and build a site together that ensures you stand out in a crowd.

Stand out in a crowd.

Unlimited help and support for no extra cost - phone 07521 941 560

Dynamic sites - websites that continuously change and include new content show up better in Google searches because Google prioritizes new content. The Internet is all about immediacy. As far as Google is concerned 'old news is no news'.

You may have seen a number of cheap DIY website companies advertising on TV. Maybe you already subscribe to one.

Usually they are American mega-corporations; everything is pre-set and automated - and frequently very confusing. Not surprisingly, few people manage to build a website that looks professional and even fewer bother to keep it up to date. However, your site is often the first thing potential customers know about you. If it looks amateurish or out of date - what are they to think of your company?