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Building websites for free from Blackpool to Stafford!


Do you feel you're in control of your company's Internet presence?


Think of the Internet as a gigantic sprawling city - full of potential customers - all wanting to purchase goods and services. But how do you make contact with them?

Sometimes it is the perceived complexity of organising a website and getting on the Internet that puts people off. And that, of course, is where the bigger companies win because they have the staff and the budget.

So, that's where I come in. I make it easy, stress-free and (almost) cost free.

I've helped clients win hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of new business




A free website helps your cashflow.

I don't charge any upfront fee for website design. You pay only a very modest regular monthly amount which includes everything.

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You get £1,000 worth of bespoke website for nothing, zilch, not a penny.

That means your site is earning you money from day one - meanwhile you have paid no upfront charges.

Coded for GOOGLE.

GOOGLE downgrades poor coding and upgrades the latest versions.

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In fact I build you two sites with three distinctive sets of coding: for big screen computers and for small screen mobile devices.


Even better: thereafter, you can have it altered or updated as many times as you like for free.


Bad code costs you business.

Read how the world's biggest companies win more business with the right code.

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This is the low bandwidth version of my site for mobile devices and older versions of Internet Explorer. There is lots more advice and help on my main site. Automatically connect via PC or laptop.

designs for all.


No one works harder (or charges less) to make sure you get the best website at the keenest price.


Having a website that is not regularly updated is like buying a car and not puttting in petrol - it is useless!

Unlimited help and support for no extra cost - phone 07521 941 560

Mark Graham, website designer, Staffordshire.

I don't sit at a desk thinking of ways to bill you for more money. My mobile office comes to you. I am with you for the long term - to make sure you get the most from the Internet and your website.



Phone: 07521 941 560