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Make more money


You are not the BBC or Netflex. Your site is not there to entertain. Your website is there to help your company make money.

Many designers will try to sell you on visual effects and gimmicks in order to charge you more money. Worse still, many of these 'gizmos' simply get in the way of conveying information.

Most people these days are in a hurry. The function of a good website is to deliver quickly the information the customer is looking for.

Have you stopped to think about which jobs give you the most profit as compared with which only occupy your time and pay the basic overheads?

It is a known phenomenon in business that very often 10% of customers provide 90% of net profits.

First of all you need to work out what kind of work provides you with the best profit margin - and then set about targeting those customers who provide that kind of work.

This where the right kind of website is invaluable.

Use your website to create the image you need to attract the customers you want.

You may be wanting to expand your company or, conversely, stay the same size but make more money from the hours you already work.

Whichever approach you decide upon I will work with you to ensure your site achieves your goals.