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Q: What makes a good website?

A: Getting quickly to the point!


Everyone is in a hurry -- grab their attention -- deliver the goods -- or the customers go elsewhere.

Many web designers will try and sell you a site with lots of 'whistles and bells'. They get to charge you more money; the site maybe entertaining; but if the clarity of your key message is obscured, it's not earning you money.


Furthermore, too many 'gizmos' will consume bandwidth, slow loading, crash older devices, confuse viewers and - if they are paying for bandwidth - cost your customers money. So, rule number one: don't irritate your customers. It's an obvious point but so often forgotten.

Simple does not necessarily mean boring.

I design websites that are effective, informative, eye-catching and literate - with a dash of humour.


Keep it simple.

The whole point of a website is that it should be seen by people. That usually means featuring prominently in a Google search. You can spend a lot of money with companies that say they can get you on to page one of Google. Often they cannot. A well designed website that is then integrated into numerous other links will show up more prominently in a Google search.


Some companies charge hundreds - even thousands - of pounds a year in 'Search Engine Optimization' fees. Google themselves charge a minimum of £95 per month - and even they do not truly get you on to page one.


All of this - SEO services, linking, video, YouTube, Blogspot, Facebook I handle for my clients for the standard monthly subscription starting at £28 per month. Read how it works.




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