Why my website design and build really is free


First of all there is no upfront charge from me. You will be asked to pay only for your domain registration (about £10 per year) and that payment goes to the domain registration company.

At present most designers are charging between £300 and £900 for a website - plus VAT.

But what do you actually get? How do web designers overcharge?

I design and build for you a draft site and park it temporarily on the Internet so you can see how it looks, comment on it, ask me to make any changes.

When you are happy with it I transfer it to the domain of your choice and host it for you.



At that point I charge £28 per month for a typical three or four page site. This is where most designers wave goodbye and leave you to it.

But with my service this is only the beginning. From this point you can choose to have as many alterations and additions to the site as you wish - whenever you wish.

Just send me your pictures, testimonials - or phone or text me with information about your latest jobs and I will add all this to your site.

All of these regular additions make your site more prominent in Google searches and pretty soon you start rising to the top.

Because I am always adding new content, on your site and on Youtube and on your blog your monthly payment never really covers the initial design and build cost - so you have had the site for free!