What other companies charge

The Internet is full of con-artists. They know you don't understand the technicalities of how things work. Make sure you work with an honest web designer.


Charges levied by other web design companies for a fully content-managed service vary from £150 to £500 per month to maintain professional sites. This equates to between £1,800 and £6,000 per year plus VAT.

The prices shown below are from web design companies and represent typical industry standard charges for a fully managed dynamic website.

What other designers charge.


Some companies charge hundreds - even thousands - of pounds a year in 'Search Engine Optimization' fees.


Even then, many companies will ask for 50% up front ("for new clients") plus extra money for - and I quote - "time involved arranging domain registration".

They will justify the charges by talking about all the technical stuff they know you won't understand: SEO, HTML, FTP, PHP, JAVA, SERVERS, RAID, HACKERS, SPAM, DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACKS, and they will tell you about their secure data centre which has 24 hour security and emergency generators and UPS and how a badly designed website can result in your site being "banned fromt he Internet".

Clients will also be charged what amounts to an "unplugging fee" to prevent them taking their site to a cheaper provider.


Recently a client who has just subscribed to my service was asked for £399 plus VAT by a web design company to "unplug" from their company and transfer their website to me. I checked the registration details and advised the client about ICANN rules and UK law. The result: the client was able to migrate to me at no cost.


All of this justifies their charges when, in truth, you are paying for their office, their car and their lifestyle.

My charge, by contrast, is completely transparent, all inclusive and fixed. There are no hidden extras - and, yes, that includes a data centre with "24 hour security, UPS and back-up diesel generators".

What other designers charge.


Here's a a copy of a recent email from a web design company advertising their reduced design charges - from £1795 to £895 (plus VAT). Remember, this is only for the initial design. After this, they walk away and leave you to it.

Another web designer

This designer, like many others, uses the Wordpress platform because they can then use library plug-ins to reduce the amount of desgn work they do.

The Wordpress template is actually a blog platform and was not originally intended for use as a basis for websites.

The number of plug-ins and the amount of redundant code associated with the templates can slow down performance.

Read more about the dangers associated with plug-ins

and how poor coding can reduce the number of visitors your website gets.

With this design company the word "From" is prominent.

£499 plus VAT gets you their "bog-standard" off-the-peg site - and you pay £20 per month for "support".

A mobile version of your site will cost you "from" an extra £299 plus VAT.

A business package with PC and mobile site, support and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) costs "from" £999 plus £40 per month.

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