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PRICES and small print


My pricing system could not be simpler or more fair.

•  I charge £28.00 per month for a 3 to 5 page website. That is an ideal size for many smaller enterprises and is a fraction of the price charged by other companies for a continuously managed Internet presence. Thereafter each additional page is £2.00 per month.

•  This cost covers everything except domain registration and an optional linked email address. There are no hidden charges.

•  In other words: design, unlimited content management, hosting, maintenance and as many updates as you wish whenever you wish to keep your site interesting, relevant, dynamic and professional-looking - all for a single very modest monthly subscription.

•  Not to mention as much help and advice as you need via phone or email. That's thousands of pounds worth of support whenever you need it FOR FREE.


Pricing examples

•  3-page website - £28.00 per month.

Some companies need a larger web presence and small companies grow. I do not charge for alterations, only additional pages.

•  6-page website - £28.00 + £2.00 = £30.00 per month.

•  10-page website - £28.00 + £10.00 = £38.00 per month.

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL - I'm not registered for VAT and so do not charge it.


Why is this such a great deal?

Because you can chop-and-change your site as often as you wish and it won't cost you an extra penny. There are no design fees or setting up costs.

I can add for you testimonials, pictures of contracts completed, new products, new services, new skills, special offers, seasonal deals. In other words: together we keep your customers in the picture; show them what you can do, what you have done, what you are doing right now.

Your company's website should be the centre of your communications hub. Show prospective clients that you are alive and kicking; a dynamic, active and efficient enterprise.

Nothing creates a worse impression than an old, out-of-date, sad website.

Google's search algorithm takes into account how often a site is updated. Up-to-date content is given priority in any search results.

For a modest single monthly payment I handle your company's entire Internet presence: website, blog, email systems, domain, Youtube, updates, branding, image, projects, offers. Your own technical department, just like the big corporations have. Thousands and thousands of pounds worth of work every year for £28 per month.

Other services

Embedded video

Your enterprise - THE MOVIE

This image player is configured for IOS mobile operating systems.


There are a couple of ways to show a short video clip in your website: by embedding, like the clip above or by linking to YouTube (as shown on the EXAMPLES page).

A short clip will enable visitors to view the video without involving themselves in a time-consuming or (if they are paying for their Internet access) expensive download. This short video can then be linked to a longer one on YouTube.

The advantage of this is that your name on YouTube will improve your Google search ranking.

Some companies will charge thousands of pounds for this. I, on the other hand, can do it for you for only a few pounds extra.

An email to match your website

If you have a website called then it will look more professional if your potential clients see an email such as or something similar and not when they are making an enquiry. It makes sense to separate out your customer correspondence from everyone else because they are so important. You can easily have a more general email for dealing with suppliers and other matters.

The cost for a hosted and fully configured and managed email exclusive to you and your company is as follows:

• £3.00 per month which includes 150MB of storage space.

•  £5.00 per month for 300MB of storage space.

•  £6.00 per month for 500MB of storage space.

Read more about the value of a managed customer email on my main site.

Detailed site stats

Obtain a monthly breakdown of how many visitors and the types of visitors to your site. This is an invaluable service to monitor the effectiveness of any advertising or promotion you carryout. Know who visits, how often, when, which pages they read and how many pages they read.

I email you a breakdown at the end of each month which includes information on:

• total number of visits

• number of new visitors

• number of pages viewed

• visits by search engines (such as Google)


The charge for this service is £2.00 per month.

Read more about the value of site statistical analysis.



The small print

IT'S SIMPLE! Very little small print.

• Each additional page, should any be needed, is charged at £2 per month per page.

• Consultation with client, design and build usually takes about two weeks.

• Client supplies any key wording and any photographs to be incorporated on the site.

• I will write any additional text required and supply the necessary graphics.

• For a site larger than 3 pages I will confirm with the client the general design and layout of the initial pages before proceeding further, obtain client approval of the overall scheme and confirm the likely total cost.

• In with the price I can link your site to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, a Blog and/or other social media.

• I can set up a blog for you with Google and link it to your website.

• I will configure the site for Search Engine Optimisation and advise you on the steps you can take, at no cost, to improve your site's search ranking. For example you should consider writing a short but regular blog as this will improve your Internet search ranking.

• At the outset I will advise of the estimated monthly cost of your proposed site based on our initial conversations. This will be in accordance with the standard price structure as shown above and will only be more if you require more specialist services such as a video or online merchandising. Future costs will only increase if you decide to add more pages. Adding additional content to the existing pages is free of charge.

• I will ask you to confirm the general layout by providing a draft page so that you may confirm or amend colours, branding, logo, outline layout. This is the stage where we agree together the general 'feel' of your site and you can make any suggestions or requests for alterations to the design. If you are unhappy for any reason with my service thus far you are free to pull out of the project without charge at this point.

• On receipt of your outline approval I shall proceed to complete the draft site and load it on a temporary sub-domain for your inspection and to make any on-going changes prior to finalisation . For larger sites I will ask you to approve or amend the work as it progresses.

• In order to transfer the draft website onto a permanent place on the Internet you will need a 'Domain'. If you do not already have one it is best if I purchase one on your behalf. Costs for this vary: a typical .com domain would be in the order of £10 per year; domains are a little cheaper.

• As the draft site is coming together I shall ask you to initiate your Direct Debit for the agreed amount in order for your new site to be transferred to its new permanent web address. At all times you are free to request that content be amended or add new content. There is no fixed term contract. You are free to cancel whenever you wish.

• For the term of the agreement, all amendments and changes to page content are free of charge. There will only be an additional charge if you request extra pages (at £2 per page pcm).

•Most clients find it easiest to pay monthly to spread their costs. Some, however, prefer to make single annual or biannual payments in advance. Please let me know.

• As much on-going support and advice as you need is free of charge.

• Payment is required either by monthly Direct Debit or, if you prefer to pay in a lump sum, by payment of 6 months in advance (electronic transfer or cheque).

• It is important that you carefully check over the wording and the functionality of the site when requested to do so. In particular I have no access to your external email account and so the functionality of any links from your new site to any pre-existing email address should be checked thoroughly.

• If you do not already have a "Domain" (eg: you will need one as a website address. See the advice below.

• It is possible to use your domain as your email address in addition to your website address. In fact this is usually disirable. I can host this email for you for a charge of £3.00 pcm and configure with you a suitable secure email programme should you require it.

• Content supplied by the client remains in the copyright ownership of the client. All other content in the website is copyright © Use of the design of the website is granted to the client for the period of the hosting subscription only, though, of course, ownership of the domain name is retained by the client for the period it is registered with the domain name provider. Text, graphics or coding may not be copied or transferred to third parties without my express permission.

The only additional cost to you is the charge made by the International Domain Names Registry for your domain name. The charges vary according to type of domain (.com,, .net, .org, etc.) and are in the region of £10 per year. I will discuss with you and register your domain or, if you already own one, arrange to transfer it. This small fee which is paid to the Domain Names Registrar is the only upfront cost†. If you do not already have a domain name please do not purchase one until you have spoken to me as you may be charged a transfer fee (by others) and incur delays.

† I do not charge for my time arranging the purchase of your domain. There is an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) fee of 50 pence levied by the bank which is payable by the client.


Phone: 07521 941 560