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Advice on getting a good Google listing.

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How to configure your email account and archive important emails.

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A blog is free advertising.

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In order to place a website on the Internet (or to be more precise the World Wide Web) you need your own domain. In it's basic form this is simply a virtual address in 'hyperspace', the equivalent of, say, "6 High Street" in the real world.

Once you have this address you can turn it into your virtual head office. You will have heard of Facebook or Amazon or Google - but you have never visited their offices. In hyperspace you can be whatever you want to be - and I can help you.

For example my domain name is The full and proper address is - however, most browsers are configured to assume the http://www. part of the address so you rarely have to type it.

Once you have your own domain you can also use it for your email, and, in fact, you can have several email accounts. My email is but I could also have and - so it is like having several telephone numbers for different departments.

There are now lots of different domain suffixes, the main one being .com but there are also .net,, .uk, .org and many others.

If you don't already have a company domain you should choose carefully because it can impact on the quality of any Google search results and whether your prospective clients remember you.

The subject of domains is a big one. You can read more HERE.

Site visitor statistics

your website stats from


You are probably interested in how many visitors view your site and, if you are running any kind advertising campaign, this is a good way of monitoring how effective it is. If you make sure to include your website address in any advertising material you can tell from the number of website visits how effective that advertising is. So it can be a good way of keeping an eye on how effective your newspaper ads are or if your leaflet drops are being done properly.

I charge only £2.00 per month to monitor your website statistics with a dedicated programme. At the end of every month I send you a report with a comprehensive breakdown of who has visited your site and how much interest they showed in it (ie number of pages viewed).

The data supplied is in numeric and pictoral form so you can examine the detail and the at-a-glance summary.


Mobile Merchant Services

Get paid while mobile

Take payments from customers while you are mobile. I can advise on mobile merchant services that sync to your smart phone and won't cost you a fortune in fees.