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Most website design companies charge between £800 and £2,500 to build a professional website.

We charge nothing - zilch - not a penny*

Paying a lot for a website says more about the designer's lifestyle costs than the quality of the work.

No matter what you pay, the money is wasted if the site does not show in the search results. Purchasing an expensive website does not guarantee that your site will be found.

That is why we charge - a very very modest amount - to amend and update your site when on the Internet instead of charging for the site build.

*You will need a domain which will usually cost between £9 and £15 per year. We pay this fee to the Registrar on your behalf.

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Very few website designers will tell you in advance what everything will cost.

We do.

Website design and build cost: NOTHING 

Hosting, continuous updating, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Send us pictures and phone video for inclusion in the site.

MASSIVE seven days a week help & support.

ALL THIS for £28 per month - no VAT, no contract.

Your website is there to make you money - not many website designers understand this simple fact.

Tel:07521 941 560

No contract — no minimum term — no tie-in

That's £1,000 worth of website for FREE

All devices.

The big companies will simply take your money and rip you off.

30 second video: why YELL and HIBU are rubbish.


There are a limited number of hours in the week so you need to make the most profit from them. Don't be a "busy fool" and take any job that comes along. The right website targets the customers you want so you get the jobs that pay you the best.

A client recently said to us "the trouble with Facebook is everybody wants 'mates' rates'.

A website is not always about getting more work - it can be about getting better paid work.

Take a quick look at these short videos which explain what we do and how to get the most from the Internet for your enterprise for the least cost.

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We get you noticed!


Below: just a few examples of our clients' performance on Google

At the top of the Google search listings — pages 1, 2 and 3 — the order may change every few days. That's because there's a lot of competition and some companies are paying large amounts of money to designers to keep their sites at the top.

Pal Total Roofing.

Google page 1

Hughes flat Roofs, Stoke.

Google page 1

RTI Roofing.

Google page 2

Roofclean Cheshire.

Google page 1

Proctor waterproofing, Staffordshire.

Google page 1

Oak Building Services Manchester.

Google page 1

There are hundreds of thousands of company websites on the Internet in the U.K. It takes quite a bit of work to get a client to the top of the listings - and then keep them there.

Google is a multi-billion dollar operation. They make their money by selling advertising in their search results. Not all paid-for advertising is obvious. Sometimes nearly all of page one is blocked off for Google's paid for advertising.

By continuously updating our clients' sites we move them up the search listings and to the top. Few other website designers bother doing this because it is a lot of work.

Talk to us about the ways we can help your enterprise make the most of a limited Internet budget so you make the most money from the least outlay.

PAL Total Roofing Solutions: page 1 on Google for the search term "roofing companies in Newport."

Hughes Flat Roofs: page 1 on Google for the search term "flat roofing, Stoke on Trent."

RTI Building and Roofing: page 2 on Google for the search term "roofers in Southport."

Roof Clean Cheshire: page 1 on Google for the search term "roof and driveway cleaning Cheshire."

Proctor Waterproofing: page 1 on Google for the search term "Waterproofing, Stoke-on-Trent."

Oak Building: page 1 on Google for the search term: "extension builders Manchester."

Like it or not the Internet is here to stay - it will influence business more and more.

Don't ignore it - get ahead of the competition - win more business with our help.

No tricks, no scams, no bull - just a reliable and honest service.




No one does more

The purpose of a website

Clear & informative

Your site as a hub

Your electronic brochure

What should a website cost?

Coffee cup.

For the price of a cup of coffee § each week you get a constantly updated website and all the Internet support your enterprise needs.

A professionally built FREE website

Regular updates to boost your visibility in search results

Dedicated email if you wish

Free photography and video


§ OK - two cups

A Starbucks Esspresso Venti costs £3.50

Good design makes you money

Showing up in search results

GOOGLE - case studies

CASE STUDY — M E Contractors

Here's just one example of how we have helped a company grow - to make more money; to improve profit margins by getting the type of work that pays better; to climb up the search listings and make the most of the Internet.

The Internet is an immensely powerful tool for showcasing your company. It can win you more business; get the type of customers you want; increase your turnover or allow you to make more profit from the work you do.

M E Contractors.

From small roof repairs such as slate replacement to a thriving roofing company across North Wales and the North West of England.

M E Contractors now works from two offices in order to carryout major roofing works across the region: residential, commercial and local authority.

Earnings - and especially profits - continue to grow at a healthy rate thanks to a good website and a strong Internet presence.

See how we boosted their GOOGLE LISTING

CASE STUDY — RTI Building & Roofing

RTI Building and Roofing of Birkdale, Southport.

R T I Building operates in a very competitive market.

Southport is a prosperous area and very many building companies want a piece of the action.

Because many competent companies pay significant amounts of money to both their website designers and Google to stay at the top of the listings, showing up in a Google search for Southport without spending lots of money is difficult.

The average minumum charge for "SEO" - Search Engine Optimization is £160 per month plus VAT. This is in addition to the cost of building a website. We do all of this and more for just £28 per month including VAT.

Showing up in a Google search depends on many factors. We tell you the truth about how the Internet search system works.

See how we boosted their GOOGLE LISTING



To a FREE professional website that will win you business


1. We agree with you a domain and you send us any pictures you have for the site.

2. We build a site for you to inspect. You specify any changes, alterations or additions.

3. Your site then goes live on the Internet. From then on we update it as often as you wish to make it your electronic brochure.

Pictures and graphics are important. The Internet is a visual medium.

But they should not get in the way of delivering your message.

Too many effects distract the viewer and slow loading time.

Tel: 07521 941 560

E: info@citycoder.uk