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General statements such as " we are the best roofing company / building company / bakers" will not impress visitors - and yet most sites say exactly that.

Furthermore, such vagueness does not impress Google. Their algorithms, which are now extremely sophisticated look for information and hard facts. The more information on your site about exactly what your company does, the better will be your search listing.

As for the humans who will read your site: they want simple and concise answers to questions that may concern them. Layout is important. None of us spend much time reading anymore so keep it short, succinct and as visual as possible. Visitors will linger longer if the pictures are interesting - and that goes double for video. A picture is worth a thousand words and moving pictures ten times so.

Your enterprise is unique to you. We take the trouble to find out about your company so we can promote you properly on your site and across the Internet. This involves a lot more work than simply making generalised statements - and this why the average website design company does not bother.