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To configure your new email on phone, PC, laptop or tablet, you will need the following information:

User name


Incoming server (and possibly Port number)

Outgoing server (and possibly Port number)


As you might expect, life is never that simple.

Different devices ask for the information in different ways. If you need help setting up your email - just phone.

On a smart phone or tablet, the device itself usually is the email handling programme. On a PC or laptop you will need to download a separate email handling programme. There are serveral but we recommend THUNDERBIRD.

See the next page. Setting up your email using THUNDERBIRD email handler.



Emails from potential customers are your hotline to income so they need special attention. Ideally this email 'hotline' should be kept separate from other correspondence; it should be checked daily and it should be properly organised, especially if you need to store older emails for your records.