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An email to match your website

If you have a website called then it will look more professional if your potential clients see an email such as or something similar and not when they are making an enquiry. It makes sense to separate out your customer correspondence from everyone else because they are so important.

You can easily have a more general email for dealing with suppliers and other matters. In fact you should have a separate email for non-sales correspondence.

The cost for a hosted and fully configured and managed email exclusive to you and your company is as follows:

• £2.00 per month which includes 150MB of storage space.

• £5.00 per month for 500MB of storage space.

• £8.00 per month for 1000MB (1 GB) of storage space.

Please note these are not high capacity emails. If you need lots of storage space because you send and receive many emails with attachments you need a different type of email. DETAILS HERE.