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There are a few ways to boost your Internet presence without paying for advertising.



A short video on YouTube with the correct 'meta-tags' will offer an immediate - if short-term mention for your company in the search results. This is one reason why we offer a free video service.

You can also take video on your phone and send it to us for uploading. It doesn't have to be a 'Hollywood Production' to get noticed!


A Blog or a Facebook page linked back to your site will both help your site's visibility on The Net. The downside is that most people are too busy to get involved in 'Social Media'. Whether you consider this to be 'free' advertising depends on the value of your time.

'Backlinks' are very valuable in upgrading the ranking of any site. A 'backlink' is a link from another site which leads back to your site. If you deal with anyone with a website, ask them to back link to your site.