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Google claims to be an efficient search engine but it should be remembered that it also makes billions of dollars each year from advertising - and it is not always obvious what Google is up to. This means, at the heart of Google, there is a conflict between the technical guys and the money guys.

Some advertising, such as "pay per click", is obvious but Google also secretly manipulates search results for money and they have been fined heavily by the European Union for this.

Google's manipulation of some commercial results can make it difficult for us always to achieve a page one listing for you, simply because pages one and two may be packed with covert paid-for advertising.

All other things being equal, Google's search algorithms are very accurate and powerful and so, to a large extent, by following their advice and rules concerning RELEVANT CONTENT we can achieve good search listing for you.

Where a market sector is dominated by Google's manipulation distortions and the correct technical process is not as effective as it should be, you have the option to "if you can't beat them, join them". In other words we can advise you on the most cost efficient paid for promotion to adopt with Google.

Everybody wants to be on page one of Google. Obviously this is not possible. In reality, however, most searchers will look at the first three pages of a Google search result, especially if it is for something important. Arguably, many people are now wise to the fact that the results at the top of the list are not always what they seem, and so they search down the list to check the real relevance of any particular result.


In summary, there are two ways to get a good Internet listing

1. Build a good quality website that

• informs the readers

• contains good solid advice and information

• is coded to a high technical standard

• makes the best use of other Internet resouces (such as YouTube)


2. Pay Google for additional "services"

We can advise on the most cost effective way to use paid-for services on the Internet to get results


Whether your company needs to pay for Google advertising depends on several factors. For example: your area of operations; whether you have a specific geographic catchment area; what type (if any) of promotion and/or advertising you do already.

For small business there are two ways of paying Google to enhance your Internet presence: pay-per-click and Google Data aka The Library Guys. We will be happy to discuss and provide unbiased information.