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There is no pressure or "hard sell" from us.

Once you decide you need a website the following process begins:

• You will need a domain - we will transfer this or purchase a domain on your behalf.

• This will cost you between £9 and £15 per year. This fee goes to the registrar and we purchase the domain in your name - you own it.

• We then build the site for you. It is up to you how much content you wish to supply - pictures and wording. New sites often start out with few pictures but clients soon realise that they can add as much new detail to the site over time as they wish and so sites soon grow.

• When you are content with the appearance of the site it goes live on the Internet. At this point all you pay is £28 per month (no VAT).

• All you have to do is to email or WhatsApp your pix to us and we will update the site as often as you wish from then on. It's all part of the service.

• Over the following months we keep amending and adding to your site so it becomes your full-colour electronic brochure. Everything is included - even video.

• We can edit your phone video for you; embed it in your site and upload it to YouTube. Read why this is a good idea

• All this activity steadily pushes your site up the search listings

Read how GOOGLE analyses your site. This is what the guys at GOOGLE say gets you noticed .